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Welcome to CloudBadger

One financial services platform connecting you to a global audience.

CloudBadger has designed its services to disrupt the traditional core system model. We do this by creating bespoke, industry-spanning financial services products designed to create an enriched experience for your customers, catering for any personal or business entity and regulatory construct.

Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology. It is globally available, and that means that once configured and deployed, your services will be instantly available to you and your customer base anywhere in the world.

To simplify your process, we offer business support throughout your design, development and operational phases.


We are the first step
in your journey to
connect your services
to a global audience.

What do we offer?

CloudBadger is an interoperable platform as a service that offers you access to cutting edge financial services modules, including product, core banking and transactional capabilities that you can configure and package for your customers and showcase using a smart app interface.

We offer a number of verticals and capabilities, including:


Configure and launch your own retail, business banking or wallet product.

CloudBadger provides an open interface, giving you and your clients a comprehensive view of their financial status across a variety of accounts.

Profiles can be configured to meet the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements of both local and foreign customers.

Available customer types include citizens, foreign nationals, refugees and asylum seekers. These can be configured to exist as account holders, members and dependents. These constructs can also be configured to have access to business banking and merchant capabilities.

The fees, interest rates and onboarding requirements for each of these profile types are also configurable.

Your next banking product could include:

  • Wallets
  • Transaction Accounts
  • Merchant Accounts
  • External Accounts
  • Debit Card (linked)
  • Forex Accounts
  • Virtual cards
  • Remittances
  • Multi-currency


CloudBadger enables you to create both secured and unsecured lending products as well as the application processes that accompany them.

Credit can be configured to capture the customer’s risk and affordability criteria in accordance with your organisational and regulatory requirements.

Integration is available for credit scoring, bureau integrations and collections that enable your customer’s credit journey.

Fees, interest rates, onboarding and application requirements are all configurable.

Your next credit product could include:
  • Secured products
  • Unsecured products
  • Credit Card (linked)
  • Virtual cards


CloudBadger’s investment products cater for traditional investment products as well as shared and community-based savings.

Our Group and Community products enable collective savings with full member and rights management to ensure that they function transparently and effectively. To enable this process, a consensus system has been incorporated to ensure that all of the members’ voices are heard.

Fees, interest rates, terms, onboarding and application requirements are all configurable.

Your next investment product could include:

  • Savings
  • Notice Deposit
  • Group Save
  • Tax-free Savings
  • Community Banking


The Identity vertical enables you to define and configure your customer’s identity that underpins their personal or business profile.

CloudBadger has incorporated an extensive catalogue of global identity constructs that catalogues a variety of formal documentation, primary and secondary identifiers and digital methods of collecting and managing this information

The identity vertical can be used as an independent system to provide a comprehensive Identity Management Module for an external system requiring an innovative and convenient manner for handling customer onboarding.

Your identity management module could include:

  • Third-party identity validation (integration)
  • Document collection (take a photo, gallery, document upload)
  • Image and video capture
    On-screen signature capture
  • Back office portal:
    • Perform KYC review and approval (personal, business and merchant applications)
    • Perform compliance review and approvals (personal, business and merchant applications)
    • Customer profile management

Enablement Services

CloudBadger’s Enablement Services (horizontals) transverse all verticals and profiles configured on the system.

This means that they can work with any of your selected products and services to enrich your customer’s experience and enhance base functionality.

To service your organisation’s industry and regulatory requirements, the scope of Enablement Services includes document management, reporting, risk, AML and security modules to ensure ongoing transparency and compliance.

Your enablement services could include:

  • Product Bundles
  • Third-party identity validation (integration)
  • Categorisation
  • Onboarding
  • Customer risk scoring and service provider integration
  • Reporting and data extracts

What does it mean for your business?

CloudBadger offers you a fully configurable solution designed to align with your organisation’s design, development, testing, and deployment speed.

It is also fully scalable and extendable in its running state, ensuring that you continue to grow.

  • Our cloud-based platform is scalable and extendable
  • We offer flexible pricing models.
  • We support a self-managed approach to configuration and deployment.
  • We offer a multitude of secure open APIs with open-source channels and integration code.
  • We enable your full KYC compliance and regulatory process.

What's next?

Enrich your proposition and customer experience by introducing a multi-vertical,  multi-regional, multi-tenant and multi-currency solution that offers your customers unparalleled value and convenience within familiar channels.

Go global.

Get in touch

Let CloudBadger take you to where your customers are.

If you would like to experience the future of financial services first-hand, contact us: info@cloudbadger.com

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