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What problem does CloudBadger solve?

Keep your costs predictable to allow your business to grow sustainably.

You have worked so hard to build your business. Your proposition is compelling, your pricing is fair, your branding is spot on, and your marketing team has done an excellent job of enticing new customers to sign up. Then, overnight, your business takes off.

While this sounds idyllic, have you designed your business to grow?

Sooner or later, the on-premises infrastructure supporting your solution will reach a critical mass, and you may want to expand your business into new territory (in terms of proposition or location).

You will need to make decisions about growing your business while balancing system requirements, customer expectations and your bottom line – without going broke.



Have you designed
your business
to grow?

Design your business for growth with CloudBadger

CloudBadger has designed its system to overcome the cost of growth and support your evolution.

Our cloud-based system is vertically and horizontally scalable, which means that as your customer base grows and processing needs rise, you can increase your system’s capacity in real-time and without requiring any on-premises upgrades or installation.

The system helps you create instances in different geographies, which means you can extend your footprint while maintaining centralised operations. You can configure global profiles that allow your customers to sign up and participate from anywhere in the world, without requiring additional capital outlay. You can do this quickly, easily and, in the process, mitigate major operational expenses, such as those associated with opening and staffing offices in each new geography.

From a proposition perspective, you can develop multi-vertical solutions that create real value and consolidated service convenience for your customers without incurring an additional fee per vertical or customer account.

This approach is supported by CloudBadger’s pricing model, which is based on the number of instances you use, their respective scale and your number of system users. These values are dynamic and can be increased or decreased as needed.

This means that the costs of your growth can be predictably managed in line with your need for resources, and we do not penalise you for growing your customer base.

The benefits for your company

In addition to the predictable cost model and economies of scale, CloudBadger offers you:

  • A way of centralising your operations while serving a broader customer base
  • Access to pre-configured templates (transact, credit, investment, insurance, identity management and enablement services) that reduce your time to market and allows you to continue evolving your proposition and add value to your customers.
  • Access to channel source code to simplify your development process.
  • RESTful API sets to streamline your integration into key service providers.

The benefits for your customers

You can offer products with lower fees to your end-user, making your product more accessible, compelling and contributing to overall adoption and use.


Welcome the growth of your business by moving into the cloud. CloudBadger is here to provide you with the necessary tools to help you enhance your proposition and scale your infrastructure to support the growing customer base that comes with it – straightforwardly and predictably.

Get in touch

Let CloudBadger take you to where your customers are.

If you would like to experience the future of financial services first-hand, contact us:

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