Partnering with CloudBadger

Partnering with CloudBadger

CloudBadger is supported by the OUTsurance and Standard Bank Groups. Cloudbadger was established within the OUTsurance Group in 2017. In 2021 we welcomed Standard Bank as a significant investor and strategic enabler

CloudBadger’s partners

CloudBadger partners with innovators and industry leaders.

OUTsurance Group

OUTsurance is renowned for their innovative, value-for-money insurance products and world- class service.

CloudBadger has been part of the OUT Group since 2017.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank Group is a financial institution that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Africa and abroad.

CloudBadger is the technology that drives UNAYO, Standard Bank’s newest financial services platform.


UNAYO is a global digital platform designed to address the unsolved payment needs of communities through innovation and accessibility.

CloudBadger has provided Standard Bank with a digital platform that combines the simplicity of mobile money with the sophistication of a bank account, aiming to connect Africa’s informal market to financial services in an easily accessible manner.

CloudBadger enables the following

For Unayo’s customers

For Unayo’s business

All legal personal and business entities can sign up digitally from anywhere, these include:

  • Citizens, Foreign nationals, Refugees, Asylum Seekers
  • Local & Foreign Businesses
  • Personal & Business Merchants (Agents)

Transactional bank accounts with no monthly charges and dynamic transaction fees

Telco agnostic access to customer-facing channels, including USSD, smart app (iOS, android and Huawei) and internet banking

Multi-language capable platform and channels

Extensive financial services capabilities:

  • Transfers to other bank accounts
  • Transfers to other bank wallets
  • Send money to other users via mobile numbers or email addresses.
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cash deposits
  • Pay for goods
  • Bulk disbursements (donor, business)
  • Buy Value Added Services (VAS)

Merchant capabilities:

  • Process cash withdrawals and deposits and earn commission
  • Earn commission for signing up new members
  • Accept payment for goods
  • Sell Value Added Services (VAS)

Dynamic Know Your Customer (KYC), compliance and Customer Risk Assessment (CRA) checks

Intuitive support channels, including Back-office and management portals

Reconciliation and settlement

Multi-language capable platform and channels

Access to “Assisted services mode”, which allows customers to overcome the barriers associated with access to smartphone technology


Experience the future of financial services

Register for our free trial environment and start innovating.

Register for our free trial environment and start innovating.

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