Disrupting traditional systems

Only change is constant

CloudBadger is aligned to the latest technologies and methodologies, such as RESTful APIs and modular design, presented on modern and configurable interfaces, underpinned by dynamic vertical and horizontal environment scaling.

How does CloudBadger measure up?

The CloudBadger solution is instantly available.

Start in your own time and deliver according to your own schedule.

The CloudBadger solution is instantly available.






CloudBadger’s Advantages

CloudBadger offers our customers a number of advantages relating to cost savings and the introduction of agility and efficiency into the business and technical life cycles.


Design, build and operate your financial services platform across multiple or single industry verticals, including transact (banking), credit, investment
and insurance.


Independently configure products, transactions, services and profiles.


Easily integrate into partners and their ecosystems with dynamic API's and services.

Single View

Create a single view of the customer across multiple tenants, services and product bundles.

Time to Market

Reduce time to market with rapid deployments.

Cost Reduction

Costs are based on resource consumption, not number of accounts or transactions being processed.

Experience the future of financial services

Register for our free trial environment and start innovating.

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