How it works

One platform to optimise the way you design, configure and manage products

Centrally configure all of your products and bundles for maximum efficiency

Get immediate access to channels

Teams can become agile, responding faster and more efficiently to new trends.

The CloudBadger Management Portal

This powerful portal is your central point for managing and configuring instances and products, as well as users and their roles.

Test the full functionality for free under our Explore option.

The CloudBadger Back Office Portal

The Back Office Portal has been designed for support processes such as customer management and KYC, transaction processing, profile and product management and more.

This is your central point for managing clients.

The CloudBadger Client Source Code

CloudBadger provides you with an offline smart app and transactional website, allowing you to track configurations in action in real time.

Once subscribed, you can download the Source Code, saving yourself time and effort on development.

Secure your data

Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Security and advanced intelligence capabilities, CloudBadger protects your business operations and customer data by providing a secure platform offering around the clock protection against evolving threats.

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