Securing your data

CloudBadger is 100% cloud-native and uses RESTful APIs for all its services, making integrating other services and systems fast and straightforward.

This best-practice approach conforms to the global ISO standards to ensure that your system can be securely extended without the risk of customer data or security breaches.

Security Features

The security of your financial services activities is our number one priority. CloudBadger has incorporated several customisable security features into our channels to deliver peace of mind to you and your clients.

CloudBadger’s security is implemented on two levels:


Platform Security

Between CloudBadger and our  customers on a platform level.


Client Based Security

Between our customers and their clients on an application and instance level.


You can use your Google or Microsoft account to register and login to the platform. This allows your organisation’s users to access the platform using their work address.

User rights

User rights can be both explicitly and implicitly assigned to give users access to and functionality on different levels of the platform. These include subscriptions, projects, instances and channels.

Audit tracking

Comprehensive logging system that enables user actions to be monitored and audited.


Tasks and workflow are automated to limit human intervention and minimise the risk of user error.

Incident response and disaster recovery

Proactive uptime monitoring is in place to actively monitor and flag performance issues. Full disaster recovery capabilities are available to ensure that you don’t experience any downtime.

Security levels

Security levels are access tiers that have been assigned to different actions being performed on the app and the degree of authentication that should be undertaken to verify your client’s identity before they proceed. These are customisable and currently include low level authentication such as a biometric scan for a balance check; to an email and SMS OTP in conjunction with a password for certain high-value transactions.

Trusted devices

This feature allows you to manage the devices to which your client’s app is linked. In the event that their device has been lost or stolen, they will be able to de-link that device from their “Trusted” list and their profile will not be accessible to anyone using that device.

Identity Management

During the onboarding phase your client has the ability to include recovery email and cell phone numbers. In the event that they are locked out of their profile, they will be able to request that credentials are sent to these alternate details to allow them to authenticate and regain access to their profile.

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